Do you know the feeling wherein there’s like a lump in your throat which hurts like hell and you can’t breathe properly?

Or that feeling wherein your heart is like jumping out of your chest and you know you’re going to burst into an ugly cry any minute from now?

Yeah, I hate that feeling–this feeling.

Why can’t we just have a delete button so we can erase the most painful parts of our lives and continue living like nothing happened?


10 thoughts on “We All Have Bad Days

      1. Point taken! ♡ but I guess that’s the reason for the title. We all have bad days where we just feel so much pain and sadness that all we want is to start fresh and wished all of it did not happen–but I know, we all know, at the end, it’s just a bad “day” not a bad “life”. Thanks for your idea though 😀

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  1. With the kind of work I have today, I’ve always experienced a bad day. It’s also good to be on that situation to be able to know our capacity in handling such situation. Our maturity is put to test in here. As for me, I embrace the pain, the bad days if you call it that way. After that, I’ll do realizations on how I’m going to manage this kind of situation if it would happen again. Without our bad days, it may be boring😃 or let’s say, we can’t pinpoint our strengths right?😊

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    1. Good point! ♡ that’s true. A blogger above commented about this also and pointed out that there wouldn’t be much of a life if there’s no pain/bad days. Although on this post, I had a different pain when I wrote it. A pain wherein it made me wish everything did not happen–but then I realised it was just a bad day when I finally came up with the title. Hehe btw, thanks for stopping by my humble blog ♡

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