Quarter Life Crisis Is Getting Real

Quarter Life Crisis Is Getting Real

Some–or maybe all–of you may not know, but I’m going to be 25 this year.

Gosh. I feel old.

I’m hearing my bones literally cracking just by typing that.

Kidding aside, I’m definitely feeling this quarter life crisis now and I don’t know what to feel about it.

Am I on the right path?

Am I doing enough?

Do I need to change career all over again?

Just some of the questions that bother me everyday that’s obviously left unanswered.


6 thoughts on “Quarter Life Crisis Is Getting Real

  1. Oh honey. 25 is nothing, you still have plenty of time to chance course once maybe twice more. Im 49 and still dont know what i want to do. Ive known solicitors through it in and become carers, a no qualification retail girl go back to school at 29 and become a doctor. I also know a very old lady, who likes a gin or two, loves ducks and rides whenever she can. That old crack pot has bounced and rattled through life as if it was a pin ball machine. Her hands ache now and she says “ooff” whenever she sits down. Ocassionally she will spill something down her front, if its gin or gravy and no one is looking she will suck it out. Yet she still doeant know what she wants to do but she has had a shit load of fun trying to find out. Its the journey not the destination.

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  2. I had a quarter life crisis too. Maybe a couple years younger than you (males don’t live as long 😉 )
    The answer to all those big, personal questions is just: it’s OKAY not to have an answer. Keep exploring, keep updating your CVs and bucket lists. If you there’s nothing left to learn, you’re probably in a rut. So actually, you’re doing fine!

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