Siao Tea’s Classic Milk Tea ♡ | Milk Tea Review

My Milk Tea Rating: 5/5

I discovered this drink by chance when I was walking along the streets during Sinulog Festival in Cebu last January 20, 2019. It means that this post is long overdue. Apologies.

The Sinulog-Santo Niño Festival is an annual cultural and religious festival which is held on the 3rd Sunday of January in Cebu City, and is the centre of the Santo Niño Catholic celebrations in the Philippines. (via Wikipedia)

Going back, I saw a girl holding a bottle of water on one hand and a bottle of this milk tea on the other. I was skeptical because as per previous experience with bottled milk teas, the taste is just average, if not below, but I still gave it a try because.. Milk tea! LOL.

Mind blown! ♡

This to-go milk tea is super yummy, creamy and not watery whatsoever + you can definitely taste the tea!

This was priced at Php 80 for 300 ml which was acceptable considering it was during the festival.

While writing this post, I searched if Siao Tea has a physical shop that I can get more of their drinks from, but unfortunately it’s just via online to date.

Regardless, it still had great reviews in their Facebook and Instagram page + I saw they have different flavors as well! I’m assuming what I bought was their Classic flavor.

I’ll probably order soon and so should you! ♡

Facebook: Siao Tea

Instagram: @siaotea

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