Day 5 ♡ | 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Your Proudest Moment

Whoops! Better late than never!

Day 5 – Your Proudest Moment

Or should I say.. Moments?

  1. When I graduated from college – I survived four (4) years in college + HS and Elementary, I think it’s something to be proud of, well, at least for me.
  2. When I decided to go back to school and changed my career path – Seriously, I never thought I’d go back to school after college, but hey, here I am, en route to becoming a full pledge teacher. From Communication (Corporate/Media/Journalism) to the academe. Update: I’m already enrolled in a Masters Degree Program in Special Education! Class starts on October 27th ♡
  3. I finally became active in blogging – To be honest, I’ve had at least 5 blogs before I finally decided to make this one–which is by far the most active–so, I’m quite proud! ♡

Join the challenge! Check this post for the questions!

See you on Day 6


Coffee Update 2: Little Farmers Coffee Brim – Flavors I Tasted So Far + More

A little update, my fellow coffee lovers! ♡

On my previous post, I tasted:

  1. Hazelnut Vanilla (Strength: Medium | Caffeine: Medium)
  2. Bailey’s Irish Cream (Strength: Low | Caffeine: Medium)
  3. Caramel (Strength: Low | Caffeine: Low)


  1. Macadamia (Strength: Medium | Caffeine: Low)
  2. Espresso Blend (Strength: High | Caffeine: High)

Since then, I tasted three (3) more flavors:

  1. Benguet Arabica Barako (Strength: High | Caffeine: Medium)
  2. Sagada Dark Roast (Strength: High | Caffeine: Low)
  3. Kalinga Medium Roast (Strength: Medium | Caffeine: High)

PS. Kalinga Medium Roast made me palpitate like hell. Will still drink it again in a heart beat though. LOL.


Aside from the above-mentioned iced coffees that I tasted, I finally bought their ground coffee. I got Macadamia for Php 49/50 grams.

Macadamia ♡ (Photo is mine.. Though photo quality is shi**y.)

I then happily brewed it and instead of the usual creamer + sugar combo, I used condensed milk. It tastes so good! ♡

Just a tip, the ratio is 1:2. One (1) cup for two (2) teaspoons of ground coffee.

That’s all I have for this post. Toodles! ♡

30 Day Blogging Challenge Questions

I decided to place all the questions here so that you can join me in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge! ♡

Disclaimer: I got these questions from Pinterest made by

Day 1 – Your Blog’s Name

Day 2 – 20 Facts About You

Day 3 – Your Favorite Quote

Day 4 – Your Dream Job

Day 5 – Your Proudest Moment

Day 6 – What Are You Afraid Of

Day 7 – Your 5 Favorite Songs

Day 8 – 5 Current Goals

Day 9 – What’s In Your Bag/Wallet

Day 10 – Best Trip Of Your Life

Day 11 – 10 Favorite Foods

Day 12 – Your Favorite Childhood Book

Day 13 – What’s Inside Your Fridge

Day 14 – 3 Healthy Habits

Day 15 – Where Will You Be In 5 Years

Day 16 – Thoughts On Education

Day 17 – Your Favorite Blogs

Day 18 – A Photograph Of Yourself

Day 19 – Your Favorite Movie

Day 20 – What Makes You Happy

Day 21 – What Makes You Sad

Day 22 – Your Worst Habits

Day 23 – If You Won The Lottery…

Day 24 – What Attracts You (In Love)

Day 25 – Your Biggest Regret

Day 26 – Your Hidden Talent

Day 27 – What’s In Your Closet

Day 28 – Most Embarrassing Moment

Day 29 – A Confession

Day 30 – Your Hopes For Your Blog

PS. You can follow or make your own questions if you like. The above are just guide questions for you to keep your posts going. Enjoy! ♡

Day 4 ♡ | 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Your Dream Job

Day 4 – Your Dream Job

On top of my head and in no particular order ♡

  1. Flight Attendant/Stewardess – Who doesn’t like to fly to different countries while earning, right?
  2. Tattoo Artist – When I was in High School, I developed a love for drawing/doodling/typography/sketching.. You know, the whole nine yards. I sometimes used my classmates’ arms and practiced drawing tattoo designs using a black pen. LOL. You gotta use what you have!
  3. Forensic Scientist – Blame it on Forensic Files–it’s very satisfying once a case is solved.
  4. Teacher – And I quote, “What greater joy can a teacher feel than to witness a child’s success?” – Michelle L. Graham

See you on Day 5 


Day 3 ♡ | 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Your Favorite Quote

Day 3 – Your Favorite Quote

“There’s always a nicer way of saying things.”

My Dad always reminds me to be kind, ergo his line above.

I’m not quite sure if he read that somewhere or he just realized it himself, regardless, it stuck with me.

I guess the line speaks for itself. Let’s just watch our language–be it in the real world or here on the internet–little by little everyday..

..and be that ray of sunshine that brightens up a person’s gloomy day ♡

See you on Day 4 ♡

Day 2 ♡ | 30 Day Blogging Challenge: 10 Facts About You

Get to know a little bit about me!

Day 2 – 10 Facts About You

  1. I’m a Communication graduate working on my certification to be able to teach Professional Education. (I’m going to receive it this month!)
  2. Once I have my certification, I then plan to enroll in a Master’s Degree Program in Special Education.
  3. I really love coffee, not for the caffeine but for its taste. (I’ll never get tired of saying this. LOL.)
  4. Like coffee, I’m addicted to milk tea as well!
  5. I’m also a fan of Oolong tea.
  6. I’m a bibliophile. I fell in love with reading way back when I was still in Elementary–which is the reason why I am wearing specs to date.
  7. In connection with # 6, I’ve been wearing specs for almost 11 years now. I plan on having Lasik Surgery if I already have the money. It’s not cheap so.. Yeah. (Please take care of your eyes! I’d be over the moon if I’ll have my 20/20 vision back.)
  8. I really like Forensic Science. I enjoy watching shows like Forensic Files (On Netflix) for hours! If you know anymore shows like that, please do tell me ♡
  9. I also enjoy conspiracy theories.. A lot. Plus, anything weird. Like Black Mirror (On Netflix) weird.
  10. My dream job when I was in college was to be a Flight Stewardess (I’m 5″6 by the way, so you can say I’m taller than most girls) but everything changed when I decided I wanted to be an educator. No regrets ♡

Well, there you have it!

Okay, okay. This was supposed to be 30 Facts About You but.. I’ll just probably add more facts soon. LOL.

Anyway, see you on Day 3! Hahaha ♡

Intro & Day 1 ♡ | 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Your Blog’s Name

Hi there! As of writing, I am now officially unemployed.

I might start finding work in a few weeks time though–but for now, I’m just gonna chill for a bit and get my much needed rest.

With lots of free time on my hands, I decided to do this ‘challenge’ I saw on Pinterest. Although I don’t think I can post on a daily (Yes, I know that’s the challenge.. But I’m lazy), I’ll still try to post whenever I can or whenever I feel like it.

I’m just basically using this ’30 Day Blogging Challenge’ as my topic guide.

So, let’s start!

Day 1 – Your Blog’s Name

Steffi and Her Coffee

Just me and my coffee (I love coffee–if it’s not yet too obvious) + my spilled thoughts about anything.

This blog had a different name before, but I decided it’s time to change it soon to make it more.. Me.

I guess you can say that I was holding a cup of coffee the night I finally changed my url. LOL.

See you on Day 2