Macao Imperial Tea’s Cream Cheese Milk Tea ♡ | Milk Tea Review

My Milk Tea Rating: 5/5

Aside from coffee, I am a huge milk tea lover as well! This post is long overdue, but here it is! ♡

Macao Imperial Tea is one of the milk tea shops I really want to check out. When I went there, I’m not really quite sure what to order–typical me in every new shop I go to–so I ended up asking the barista their best milk tea instead. They happily suggested Cream Cheese Milk Tea.

A portion of their menu. (Photo is mine.)

So, for the taste! I love it ♡ though it’s a slightly different taste from what I am used to–it’s less sweeter and more on the creamier (and a bit salty) side (they don’t call it cream cheese for nothing!)

Here’s my Cream Cheese Milk Tea (Photo is mine.)

My mom even approves. She loves it. LOL.

If my memory serves me well, the price is around Php 145 + Php 20 for the pearls.

Though a bit pricey compared to other milk tea shops, it’s still worth a try! Will definitely go back there soon ♡

Location: Upper Ground Floor, Mountain Wing, SM Seaside Cebu

Lord, Help Me Understand

Lord, Help Me Understand

I still have a lot to do and yet to achieve…

…and I want my Mom and Dad to witness all of it.

I need more time.

I cannot be 24 already. I was just 18 and starting to plan things out, right?

Why am I still where I am at this point in time?

I should be successful by now.


..why am I still not?

Coffee Update 1: Little Farmers Coffee Brim – Flavors I Tasted So Far

If you haven’t read my review on Little Farmers Coffee Brim, you are free to check it out here.

This post is mostly for me, to keep track of the flavors I tasted so far since I am planning to try all!

On my review, I tasted:

  1. Hazelnut Vanilla (Strength: Medium | Caffeine: Medium)
  2. Bailey’s Irish Cream (Strength: Low | Caffeine: Medium)
  3. Caramel (Strength: Low | Caffeine: Low)

Since then, I tasted two (2) more flavors:

  1. Macadamia (Strength: Medium | Caffeine: Low)
  2. Espresso Blend (Strength: High | Caffeine: High)

Will update this post soon!

My Coffee Is Not Working

My Coffee Is Not Working

Usually we drink coffee to stay awake, right?

I’m not quite sure if this is the result of too much coffee for me.. But whenever I drink it, I feel the opposite. Sleepy.

For instance, I can drink coffee at 10pm and will have no trouble sleeping after that.

Unless it’s a shot of espresso perhaps..? LOL.

Regardless, I still drink it. I guess, at this stage, I’m just loving coffee for its taste and not the caffeine!

Is coffee not working for you too?

Little Farmers Coffee Brim ♡ | Coffee Review

My Coffee Rating: 5/5

I never heard of Little Farmers Coffee Brim until recently–and I am super excited!

My coffee-holic self is internally screaming! ♡

Look at those beautiful beans! (Photo is mine.)

Coffee beans from the Cordillera mountains is now within Cebu’s reach. While we indulge ourselves with our roasted coffee of choice, we are also helping the farmers–the little farmers–in the process.

Price list for the roasted coffee per gram. (Photo is mine.)

As of writing, I already tasted three (3) types of coffee beans from them. I did not buy the roasted coffee though, I instead bought it in an iced coffee way.

Hazelnut Vanilla

Bailey’s Irish Cream


You can have it brewed as well if you wish.

For Brewed it’s at Php 55, for Iced it’s at Php 65, for Decaf it’s at Php 85 and for the Civet (Alamid) at Php 200.

The price really made me happy! Compared to imported coffee shops, the taste is somewhat the same (maybe even better in my opinion) but the price difference is huge.

If we can buy expensive coffees, why not try this local coffee shop as well? I 100% recommend it.

Price list for the drinks. (Photo is mine.)

PS. I overheard from one of the baristas that they might add Frappes in the future. Hopefully! 🙂

Location: Robinsons Fuente – Lower Ground Floor near the Supermarket

Iced Hazelnut Vanilla at Php 65. (Photo is mine.)

Looking forward to taste the the other flavors!

What. A. Week.

What. A. Week.

A lot has happened this week.

Big changes.

Permanent changes.

I am officially hired as a Pre-School Teacher Assistant.

I woke up last Tuesday and faced my computer at work.

I woke up last Wednesday and faced the smiling faces of the kids already.

Everything’s going too fast.

What a transition–but I am ready!

Forgotten Dreams

Forgotten Dreams

When we’re young, we have lots of dreams. Big dreams–too good to be true dreams.

We constantly write them in our diaries or our friends’ slam books over and over again. We had a clear picture of what we want when we grow up–I knew what I want. Life is falling into place until..

I blinked.

I am now in my 20’s–done with High School and done with College. Gone were the vivid pictures in my head of what I wanted to be when I grow up.

To be honest, I don’t even remember when I started to realize I don’t want it anymore. I just somehow forgot about it.

Now, my typical day is routinary. Wake up, work, sleep and repeat.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with my current job but when I think about it, it seems that I don’t really feel it will be the job that I want for long.

If you check out my blog below, you’ll find out that I’m going back to school.

I hope this will open up a new dream inside me that died down a few years ago and hoping this will finally lead me to contentment, career-wise.

One step at a time.

Keep going, self.

It’s happening…

It’s happening…

…I’m going back to school!

June 2018. Next month. Oh sh*t.

3 years after I graduated college, I’m going to hit the books again soon.

I’m taking a one year course–Certificate/Diploma for Professional Education.

I’m actually nervous but excited at the same time.

I’ll probably be blogging more about it in the next few months. LOL.

Bye for now ♡

Love, Simon ♡ | Book Review

My Rating: 5/5 | Goodreads: 4.34/5

Love, Simon. Wow.

This book is not just c-u-t-e but it is also very r-e-a-l.

I am loving how it talks about the modern day approach of kids (or teens) and adults towards the LGBTQ+ community.

It highlights the main character’s (Simon) journey of coming out.

Coming out will never be easy to more than half of the LGBTQ+ community–if not all–but, would it be fair to let the straight people come out.. As straight as well? LOL.

Well, the real deal for me here is people can’t and should never dictate when you are ready to come out–or heck if you ever need to.

Only you can decide when, where and how. Respect is what you call it and people should know that. But then again, some people will never understand. Let them be. If you accept yourself for who you are, then you are all good.

This book will make you laugh, cry and be giddy on the inside. I highly recommend everybody to read it–straight or not.

As for me, I will definitely watch the movie very soon! Hoping that the directors will surpass the feels the book gave me ♡

Love, Steffi

I’m back after 3 years!

I’m back after 3 years!

W o a h.

The last post I had here was almost 3 years ago.

3 years. Holy cow!

If you scroll down below, you’ll see my rant about graduating college–missing it–and basically about me being unemployed.

Now it’s already 2018, a lot has changed and you guessed it right (or not), I’m already employed and happy with it. Haha.

Being employed is not so bad after all. It’s still much like going to school everyday but minus the homework and plus the salary. So, yeah, it’s pretty cool. 

Well, aside from the fact that most of the usual school holidays don’t apply to you anymore. Ugh.

Will I post more now? Maybe soon or maybe in another 3 years again. Kidding!