Work + School Update (Part Three!)

It’s been a long time since I had an update about my work + school. Aside from updating you (if someone comes across this post), it’s also a documentation as to where I am at this point in time. So, here it goes! ♡

Work Update:

We’re approaching the end of the school year. One more unit for the last term and we officially say goodbye to school year 2018-2019!

I’ll have my training over the summer. That will be interesting and I’m looking forward to it!

School Update:

A lot has been happening these past few weeks.

First off, I just officially ended my 2-week practice teaching at Mandaue City Central SpEd School – OT/PT Center yesterday. It was a bittersweet experience I would never ever forget. I documented everything from Day 1 up until our last day. I’ll probably post a video about it soon.

PS. It was just a short practice teaching experience because we still have to attend a lot of seminars and immersions which will happen this month.

Second, I’ll hopefully graduate this July 2019 with a Diploma in Special Education. Currently, I’m holding a Degree in Communication and a Certificate in Professional Education.

Initially, I was planning to proceed and get my Master’s Degree in Special Education.. Not until two weeks ago. Now, I’m planning to skip it first and have a Diploma in Early Childhood Education instead.

It’s an ambitious move, I know–sacrificing my weekend-offs and going back to school all over again–but I don’t want to regret things just because I was lazy and just because some people think it’s ridiculous.

It’s tiring, yes, but it’s all going to be worth it. ♡


The Good Kind of Busy

Oh, wow. I haven’t updated this blog for a while now–a lot has happened these past few days and I’m bursting to share it here!

First off, as per my previous post, I’m now working as a Lower Primary School Teacher and I’m loving every bit of it. I’m always excited to teach my students new things everyday! The cute little messages they give me is just the cherry on top! ♡

Aside from being a teacher during the weekdays, I transition to being the student during weekends. I’m already taking my classes for my Masters Degree in Special Education–and I love it even more!

As of the moment, we are learning Sign Language in one of my classes and I’m proud to say that I already know quite a few signs just enough for a deaf person to understand what I’m trying to say. Aside from that, we will soon learn how to use braille as well. I can’t explain how motivated and excited I am! I’ll probably do more detailed posts soon about the things I learned in my SpEd classes or my experiences of being a Primary School Teacher! ♡

As what our School President said, “We are not stressed, we are just busy!” Heck yes, I am busy–the good kind of busy–and I love it! ♡

Day 5 ♡ | 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Your Proudest Moment

Whoops! Better late than never!

Day 5 – Your Proudest Moment

Or should I say.. Moments?

  1. When I graduated from college – I survived four (4) years in college + HS and Elementary, I think it’s something to be proud of, well, at least for me.
  2. When I decided to go back to school and changed my career path – Seriously, I never thought I’d go back to school after college, but hey, here I am, en route to becoming a full pledge teacher. From Communication (Corporate/Media/Journalism) to the academe. Update: I’m already enrolled in a Masters Degree Program in Special Education! Class starts on October 27th ♡
  3. I finally became active in blogging – To be honest, I’ve had at least 5 blogs before I finally decided to make this one–which is by far the most active–so, I’m quite proud! ♡

Join the challenge! Check this post for the questions!

See you on Day 6

Day 2 ♡ | 30 Day Blogging Challenge: 10 Facts About You

Get to know a little bit about me!

Day 2 – 10 Facts About You

  1. I’m a Communication graduate working on my certification to be able to teach Professional Education. (I’m going to receive it this month!)
  2. Once I have my certification, I then plan to enroll in a Master’s Degree Program in Special Education.
  3. I really love coffee, not for the caffeine but for its taste. (I’ll never get tired of saying this. LOL.)
  4. Like coffee, I’m addicted to milk tea as well!
  5. I’m also a fan of Oolong tea.
  6. I’m a bibliophile. I fell in love with reading way back when I was still in Elementary–which is the reason why I am wearing specs to date.
  7. In connection with # 6, I’ve been wearing specs for almost 11 years now. I plan on having Lasik Surgery if I already have the money. It’s not cheap so.. Yeah. (Please take care of your eyes! I’d be over the moon if I’ll have my 20/20 vision back.)
  8. I really like Forensic Science. I enjoy watching shows like Forensic Files (On Netflix) for hours! If you know anymore shows like that, please do tell me ♡
  9. I also enjoy conspiracy theories.. A lot. Plus, anything weird. Like Black Mirror (On Netflix) weird.
  10. My dream job when I was in college was to be a Flight Stewardess (I’m 5″6 by the way, so you can say I’m taller than most girls) but everything changed when I decided I wanted to be an educator. No regrets ♡

Well, there you have it!

Okay, okay. This was supposed to be 30 Facts About You but.. I’ll just probably add more facts soon. LOL.

Anyway, see you on Day 3! Hahaha ♡

I’m Already Missing The Moment While I’m Still Living It

My new found friends in grad school, co-teachers and my students in my current job (which I will be leaving very soon–see here for more info) makes it really difficult to say goodbye once I’m done with that chapter in my life.

I’m already missing the moment while I’m still living it.

Truth is, we need to move forward for us to be better.

This is my way of finally embracing growth and the new adventures waiting for me–writing about it.

Adios.. For now.

Quitting But Not Weak

I’m writing this blog post to remind myself that just a week ago, I courageously passed my resignation letter.

There are a latte (I just had to!) of reasons why people quit their jobs, probably from their toxic workmates down to their salary problems, you name it.

I’d rather not divulge the whole reason of my resignation for now, but a huge part of it involves my studies. Once I’m done with my Certification/Diploma in Teaching Professional Education this coming October 2018, I plan to take a step further and continue with my Masters.

Soon, after finishing the required 30 days of rendering work, I might update this blog again as to what my next move will be (work-related).

Just to keep me positive: I guess I don’t believe I am weak for quitting, I think people who recognize their weaknesses and is willing to take another risk is actually very brave.

Before I close this blog, I will leave this quote for me (or you, if you stumbled upon this post somehow) to remember..

“We must recognize our weakness to experience God’s strength.”

Work + School Update

I’ve been busy lately due to exams and reportings in school + I’m exhausted every after work that’s why I never had the chance to write something here.. Until now.

Work Update: We are already approaching the end of the Summer Camp class and we’re getting ready for the regular class this coming August.

School Update: As what I mentioned, exams and reportings are catching up with me but everything’s all good. I’m just happy I get to spend it with my new found friends and share the stress with them. LOL.

PS: ‘Blogging’ is my way of documenting my experiences and the like so whenever I feel like it, I can just go back and read through my journey anytime. I don’t really believe people ever read my blog posts but if you (yes, you) are here, then welcome! 🙂