Work + School Update (Part Two!)

There are a lot of things going on in my mind right now and I don’t know how to start this–wait, I guess that should start it. LOLJK.

Work Update:

Good news! I’m not unemployed anymore. *throws confetti* Well, sort of, but I’m starting next week! *throws confetti again*

I’m hired as a Lower Primary Teacher and by next year, I will most likely handle and lead my own class already. Can’t freaking wait. I’ll miss my lazy days though, not gonna lie.

Currently, I’m still completing my requirements so I can hand it all in by Monday. I am exhausted but, we gotta do what we gotta do.

School Update:

For my Masters, I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I’ll start this Saturday, 27th of October. No rest for me but I’m excited to meet new faces!


I do hope I can still continue with my other planned posts here. I’ll make this work. Hoping to post every Wednesday/Thursday the least. Ciao! ♡


Day 5 ♡ | 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Your Proudest Moment

Whoops! Better late than never!

Day 5 – Your Proudest Moment

Or should I say.. Moments?

  1. When I graduated from college – I survived four (4) years in college + HS and Elementary, I think it’s something to be proud of, well, at least for me.
  2. When I decided to go back to school and changed my career path – Seriously, I never thought I’d go back to school after college, but hey, here I am, en route to becoming a full pledge teacher. From Communication (Corporate/Media/Journalism) to the academe. Update: I’m already enrolled in a Masters Degree Program in Special Education! Class starts on October 27th ♡
  3. I finally became active in blogging – To be honest, I’ve had at least 5 blogs before I finally decided to make this one–which is by far the most active–so, I’m quite proud! ♡

Join the challenge! Check this post for the questions!

See you on Day 6