You see it happening right in front of your eyes.

You hear it being said to you over and over again.

You feel your heart break into million pieces while your throat tightens into an impossible knot.

You can even taste your own tears running down your face now.

Yet you still listen to that tiny crack of voice inside your head that ever so softly whispers,

“It’s not true–it can’t be true.. Right?”

Siao Tea’s Classic Milk Tea ♡ | Milk Tea Review

My Milk Tea Rating: 5/5

I discovered this drink by chance when I was walking along the streets during Sinulog Festival in Cebu last January 20, 2019. It means that this post is long overdue. Apologies.

The Sinulog-Santo Niño Festival is an annual cultural and religious festival which is held on the 3rd Sunday of January in Cebu City, and is the centre of the Santo Niño Catholic celebrations in the Philippines. (via Wikipedia)

Going back, I saw a girl holding a bottle of water on one hand and a bottle of this milk tea on the other. I was skeptical because as per previous experience with bottled milk teas, the taste is just average, if not below, but I still gave it a try because.. Milk tea! LOL.

Mind blown! ♡

This to-go milk tea is super yummy, creamy and not watery whatsoever + you can definitely taste the tea!

This was priced at Php 80 for 300 ml which was acceptable considering it was during the festival.

While writing this post, I searched if Siao Tea has a physical shop that I can get more of their drinks from, but unfortunately it’s just via online to date.

Regardless, it still had great reviews in their Facebook and Instagram page + I saw they have different flavors as well! I’m assuming what I bought was their Classic flavor.

I’ll probably order soon and so should you! ♡

Facebook: Siao Tea

Instagram: @siaotea

Premium Assam Milk Tea in Caramel ♡ | Milk Tea Review

My Milk Tea Rating: 3.9/5

I just came across this to-go milk tea drink when I went to 7/11 a few days ago.

The moment I saw that it was milk tea, I knew I had to get it!


Premium Assam Milk Tea in Caramel ♡ (Photo is mine.)

Although it is kinda watery, it still tastes quite good for something that’s been bottled up. It satisfies your cravings momentarily if you don’t have any milk tea shops nearby.

It’s priced at Php 59. Not bad considering it’s a bit big.

Will I buy it again? Yes. Why not? ♡

Coffee Update 2: Little Farmers Coffee Brim – Flavors I Tasted So Far + More

A little update, my fellow coffee lovers! ♡

On my previous post, I tasted:

  1. Hazelnut Vanilla (Strength: Medium | Caffeine: Medium)
  2. Bailey’s Irish Cream (Strength: Low | Caffeine: Medium)
  3. Caramel (Strength: Low | Caffeine: Low)


  1. Macadamia (Strength: Medium | Caffeine: Low)
  2. Espresso Blend (Strength: High | Caffeine: High)

Since then, I tasted three (3) more flavors:

  1. Benguet Arabica Barako (Strength: High | Caffeine: Medium)
  2. Sagada Dark Roast (Strength: High | Caffeine: Low)
  3. Kalinga Medium Roast (Strength: Medium | Caffeine: High)

PS. Kalinga Medium Roast made me palpitate like hell. Will still drink it again in a heart beat though. LOL.


Aside from the above-mentioned iced coffees that I tasted, I finally bought their ground coffee. I got Macadamia for Php 49/50 grams.

Macadamia ♡ (Photo is mine.. Though photo quality is shi**y.)

I then happily brewed it and instead of the usual creamer + sugar combo, I used condensed milk. It tastes so good! ♡

Just a tip, the ratio is 1:2. One (1) cup for two (2) teaspoons of ground coffee.

That’s all I have for this post. Toodles! ♡

I’m Already Missing The Moment While I’m Still Living It

I’m Already Missing The Moment While I’m Still Living It

My new-found friends in grad school, co-teachers and my students in my current job (which I will be leaving very soon–see here for more info) makes it really difficult to say goodbye once I’m done with that chapter in my life.

I’m already missing the moment while I’m still living it.

Truth is, we need to move forward for us to be better.

This is my way of finally embracing growth and the new adventures waiting for me–writing about it.

Adios… For now.

Macao Imperial Tea’s Cream Cheese Milk Tea ♡ | Milk Tea Review

My Milk Tea Rating: 5/5

Aside from coffee, I am a huge milk tea lover as well! This post is long overdue, but here it is! ♡

Macao Imperial Tea is one of the milk tea shops I really want to check out. When I went there, I’m not really quite sure what to order–typical me in every new shop I go to–so I ended up asking the barista their best milk tea instead. They happily suggested Cream Cheese Milk Tea.

A portion of their menu. (Photo is mine.)

So, for the taste! I love it ♡ though it’s a slightly different taste from what I am used to–it’s less sweeter and more on the creamier (and a bit salty) side (they don’t call it cream cheese for nothing!)

Here’s my Cream Cheese Milk Tea (Photo is mine.)

My mom even approves. She loves it. LOL.

If my memory serves me well, the price is around Php 145 + Php 20 for the pearls.

Though a bit pricey compared to other milk tea shops, it’s still worth a try! Will definitely go back there soon ♡

Location: Upper Ground Floor, Mountain Wing, SM Seaside Cebu

Lord, Help Me Understand

Lord, Help Me Understand

I still have a lot to do and yet to achieve…

…and I want my Mom and Dad to witness all of it.

I need more time.

I cannot be 24 already. I was just 18 and starting to plan things out, right?

Why am I still where I am at this point in time?

I should be successful by now.


..why am I still not?

Coffee Update 1: Little Farmers Coffee Brim – Flavors I Tasted So Far

If you haven’t read my review on Little Farmers Coffee Brim, you are free to check it out here.

This post is mostly for me, to keep track of the flavors I tasted so far since I am planning to try all!

On my review, I tasted:

  1. Hazelnut Vanilla (Strength: Medium | Caffeine: Medium)
  2. Bailey’s Irish Cream (Strength: Low | Caffeine: Medium)
  3. Caramel (Strength: Low | Caffeine: Low)

Since then, I tasted two (2) more flavors:

  1. Macadamia (Strength: Medium | Caffeine: Low)
  2. Espresso Blend (Strength: High | Caffeine: High)

Will update this post soon!

My Coffee Is Not Working

My Coffee Is Not Working

Usually we drink coffee to stay awake, right?

I’m not quite sure if this is the result of too much coffee for me.. But whenever I drink it, I feel the opposite. Sleepy.

For instance, I can drink coffee at 10pm and will have no trouble sleeping after that.

Unless it’s a shot of espresso perhaps..? LOL.

Regardless, I still drink it. I guess, at this stage, I’m just loving coffee for its taste and not the caffeine!

Is coffee not working for you too?