Blogging Therapy

Blogging Therapy

For me, blogging is very therapeutic.

There’s that sense of relief and liberation when I write about my feelings or the things I’m very passionate about.

People reading my blog and leaving positive comments is just an amazing bonus.

Working + studying at the same time is very exhausting–I’m in dire need of a blogging therapy now.

My heart and mind is just bursting with feelings that needs to be written down.

I guess I can say I’m back.. Again.

The Good Kind of Busy

The Good Kind of Busy

Oh, wow. I haven’t updated this blog for a while now–a lot has happened these past few days and I’m bursting to share it here!

First off, I’m now working as a Lower Primary School Teacher and I’m loving every bit of it. I’m always excited to teach my students new things everyday! The cute little messages they give me is just the cherry on top! ♡

Aside from being a teacher during the weekdays, I transition to being the student during weekends. I’m already taking my classes for my Masters Degree in Special Education–and I love it even more!

As of the moment, we are learning Sign Language in one of my classes and I’m proud to say that I already know quite a few signs just enough for a deaf person to understand what I’m trying to say. Aside from that, we will soon learn how to use braille as well. I can’t explain how motivated and excited I am! I’ll probably do more detailed posts soon about the things I learned in my SpEd classes or my experiences of being a Primary School Teacher! ♡

As what our School President said, “We are not stressed, we are just busy!” Heck yes, I am busy–the good kind of busy–and I love it! ♡

“Whatever goal we’re pursuing,

no matter how rugged the climb,

we’re certain to get there

by trying our best, and

by taking one day at a time.

“Forever” is hard to imagine,

“the future” may seem far away–

but every new dawn

brings a wonderful chance

to do what we can on that day.”

Emily Matthews

One Day At A Time

I’m Already Missing The Moment While I’m Still Living It

I’m Already Missing The Moment While I’m Still Living It

My new-found friends in grad school, co-teachers and my students in my current job (which I will be leaving very soon–see here for more info) makes it really difficult to say goodbye once I’m done with that chapter in my life.

I’m already missing the moment while I’m still living it.

Truth is, we need to move forward for us to be better.

This is my way of finally embracing growth and the new adventures waiting for me–writing about it.

Adios… For now.

Lord, Help Me Understand

Lord, Help Me Understand

I still have a lot to do and yet to achieve…

…and I want my Mom and Dad to witness all of it.

I need more time.

I cannot be 24 already. I was just 18 and starting to plan things out, right?

Why am I still where I am at this point in time?

I should be successful by now.


..why am I still not?

What. A. Week.

What. A. Week.

A lot has happened this week.

Big changes.

Permanent changes.

I am officially hired as a Pre-School Teacher Assistant.

I woke up last Tuesday and faced my computer at work.

I woke up last Wednesday and faced the smiling faces of the kids already.

Everything’s going too fast.

What a transition–but I am ready!

Forgotten Dreams

Forgotten Dreams

When we’re young, we have lots of dreams. Big dreams–too good to be true dreams.

We constantly write them in our diaries or our friends’ slam books over and over again. We had a clear picture of what we want when we grow up–I knew what I want. Life is falling into place until..

I blinked.

I am now in my 20’s–done with High School and done with College. Gone were the vivid pictures in my head of what I wanted to be when I grow up.

To be honest, I don’t even remember when I started to realize I don’t want it anymore. I just somehow forgot about it.

Now, my typical day is routinary. Wake up, work, sleep and repeat.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with my current job but when I think about it, it seems that I don’t really feel it will be the job that I want for long.

If you check out my blog below, you’ll find out that I’m going back to school.

I hope this will open up a new dream inside me that died down a few years ago and hoping this will finally lead me to contentment, career-wise.

One step at a time.

Keep going, self.

I’m back after 3 years!

I’m back after 3 years!

W o a h.

The last post I had here was almost 3 years ago.

3 years. Holy cow!

If you scroll down below, you’ll see my rant about graduating college–missing it–and basically about me being unemployed.

Now it’s already 2018, a lot has changed and you guessed it right (or not), I’m already employed and happy with it. Haha.

Being employed is not so bad after all. It’s still much like going to school everyday but minus the homework and plus the salary. So, yeah, it’s pretty cool. 

Well, aside from the fact that most of the usual school holidays don’t apply to you anymore. Ugh.

Will I post more now? Maybe soon or maybe in another 3 years again. Kidding!



I just recently graduated from college. After four years of my fair share of sufferings (and happiness), I finally made it. It has been four days since I officially got my diploma, but here I am, bored to tears and unemployed.

I was very excited to graduate and never ever come back to school again, but I think I would like to take that back…

Why? Because reality hit me on the face. Hard.

I realized that I have to face the real world on my own. Just skills and personal experiences as weapons.

At the moment, I am just going to drown myself in my own thoughts of what could happen if I already happen to work soon.

Until then, I will just imagine that I am still a student.