Lord, Help Me Understand

I still have a lot to do and yet to achieve…

…and I want my Mom and Dad to witness all of it.

I need more time.

I cannot be 24 already. I was just 18 and starting to plan things out, right?

Why am I still where I am at this point in time?

I should be successful by now.


..why am I still not?

Lord, please help me understand and to trust more of Your plans for me.


Coffee Update 1: Little Farmers Coffee Brim – Flavors I Tasted So Far

If you haven’t read my review on Little Farmers Coffee Brim, you are free to check it out here.

This post is mostly for me, to keep track of the flavors I tasted so far since I am planning to try all!

On my review, I tasted:

  1. Hazelnut Vanilla (Strength: Medium | Caffeine: Medium)
  2. Bailey’s Irish Cream (Strength: Low | Caffeine: Medium)
  3. Caramel (Strength: Low | Caffeine: Low)

Since then, I tasted two (2) more flavors:

  1. Macadamia (Strength: Medium | Caffeine: Low)
  2. Espresso Blend (Strength: High | Caffeine: High)

Will update this post soon!

My Coffee Is Not Working

Usually we drink coffee to stay awake, right?

I’m not quite sure if this is the result of too much coffee for me.. But whenever I drink it, I feel the opposite. Sleepy.

For instance, I can drink coffee at 10pm and will have no trouble sleeping after that.

Unless it’s a shot of espresso perhaps..? LOL.

Regardless, I still drink it. I guess, at this stage, I’m just loving coffee for its taste and not the caffeine!

Is coffee not working for you too?

Little Farmers Coffee Brim ♡ | Coffee Review

My Coffee Rating: 5/5

I never heard of Little Farmers Coffee Brim until recently–and I am super excited!

My coffee-holic self is internally screaming! ♡

Look at those beautiful beans! (Photo is mine.)

Coffee beans from the Cordillera mountains is now within Cebu’s reach. While we indulge ourselves with our roasted coffee of choice, we are also helping the farmers–the little farmers–in the process.

Price list for the roasted coffee per gram. (Photo is mine.)

As of writing, I already tasted three (3) types of coffee beans from them. I did not buy the roasted coffee though, I instead bought it in an iced coffee way.

Hazelnut Vanilla

Bailey’s Irish Cream


You can have it brewed as well if you wish.

For Brewed it’s at Php 55, for Iced it’s at Php 65, for Decaf it’s at Php 85 and for the Civet (Alamid) at Php 200.

The price really made me happy! Compared to imported coffee shops, the taste is somewhat the same (maybe even better in my opinion) but the price difference is huge.

If we can buy expensive coffees, why not try this local coffee shop as well? I 100% recommend it.

Price list for the drinks. (Photo is mine.)

PS. I overheard from one of the baristas that they might add Frappes in the future. Hopefully! 🙂

Location: Robinsons Fuente – Lower Ground Floor near the Supermarket

Iced Hazelnut Vanilla at Php 65. (Photo is mine.)

Looking forward to taste the the other flavors!

Quitting But Not Weak

I’m writing this blog post to remind myself that just a week ago, I courageously passed my resignation letter.

There are a latte (I just had to!) of reasons why people quit their jobs, probably from their toxic workmates down to their salary problems, you name it.

I’d rather not divulge the whole reason of my resignation for now, but a huge part of it involves my studies. Once I’m done with my Certification/Diploma in Teaching Professional Education this coming October 2018, I plan to take a step further and continue with my Master’s.

Soon, after finishing the required 30 days of rendering work, I might update this blog again as to what my next move will be (work-related).

I guess I don’t believe I am weak for quitting, I think people who recognize their weaknesses and is willing to take another risk is actually very brave.

Before I close this blog, I will leave this quote for me (or you, if you stumbled upon this post somehow) to remember..

“We must recognize our weakness to experience God’s strength.”

Work + School Update

I’ve been busy lately due to exams and reportings in school + I’m exhausted every after work that’s why I never had the chance to write something here.. Until now.

Work Update: We are already approaching the end of the Summer Camp class and we’re getting ready for the regular class this coming August.

School Update: As what I mentioned, exams and reportings are catching up with me but everything’s all good. I’m just happy I get to spend it with my new found friends and share the stress with them. LOL.

PS: ‘Blogging’ is my way of documenting my experiences and the like so whenever I feel like it, I can just go back and read through my journey anytime. I don’t really believe people ever read my blog posts but if you (yes, you) are here, then welcome! 🙂

What. A. Week.

A lot has happened this week.

Big changes.

Permanent changes.

I am officially hired as a Pre-School Teacher Assistant.

I woke up last Tuesday and faced my computer at work.

I woke up last Wednesday and faced the smiling faces of the kids already.

Everything’s going too fast.

What a transition–but I am ready!