Day 9 ♡ | 30 Day Blogging Challenge: What’s In Your Bag (Work Bag Edition)

Day 9 – What’s In Your Bag (Work Bag Edition)

What do I bring to work everyday as a teacher?

  • Black medium-sized back pack
  • Big and small wallet for coins
  • Laptop
  • Mirror
  • Make-up Kit
  • Book pouch which I later turned into my “Teacher’s Essentials Kit” (White board markers, scissors, stapler, sticky notes, red ball pens, and all those little teacher-y stuff really.)
  • Small pouch for my phone wires (I hate messy wires!)
  • Small Hygiene Kit
  • Coffee sachets and some snacks!
  • Hoodie or scarf

That’s basically it! I’m not extra, so I don’t really have much. Hahaha.

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See you on Day 10 ♡

Day 8 ♡ | 30 Day Blogging Challenge: 5 Current Goals

Day 8 – 5 Current Goals

These goals are a mix of short and long term ones, regardless, here are the 5 goals I currently have in mind for the year 2019.

  1. To finish my masters degree with flying colors while working as a full time teacher
  2. Connected to # 1, one of my goals is to have a work-life + school balance while doing the above-mentioned
  3. To have more patience and to be more understanding with people especially with my students; as what our Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray said, “See situations with a silver lining.” ♡
  4. To travel outside the country
  5. To just continue blogging!

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See you on Day 9

Premium Assam Milk Tea in Caramel ♡ | Milk Tea Review

My Milk Tea Rating: 3.9/5

I just came across this to-go milk tea drink when I went to 7/11 a few days ago.

The moment I saw that it was milk tea, I knew I had to get it!


Premium Assam Milk Tea in Caramel ♡ (Photo is mine.)

Although it is kinda watery, it still tastes quite good for something that’s been bottled up. It satisfies your cravings momentarily if you don’t have any milk tea shops nearby.

It’s priced at Php 59. Not bad considering it’s a bit big.

Will I buy it again? Yes. Why not? ♡

I Survived!

Hi, lovelies! Hi, blog! ♡

I’m back again. Last update was me talking about being busy. Well, I survived it all–for now. Hahaha today is the first day of No Work for the holiday season! Yey!

I’ll probably binge-watch the movies I missed on Netflix or update more here.

I’m just happy to be back in WordPress.

6 days until Christmas! ♡